Best Business Idea For Village In India 2023

Best Business Idea For Village I
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Best Business Idea For Village In India 2023: In today’s time, everyone wants to do business. The reason for this is that there is a shortage of jobs in our country, and everything is being privatized. People are turning towards business due to a lack of employment. Some are doing business with tea and some the juice, they are also earning good money from this.

But do you know people who live in the village think that we cannot do big business because business can only be done in the city? Should I tell you or again there is a misconception that you can do business anywhere and earn money anywhere?

Best Business Idea For Village In India 2023

There is lots of business that you can do in the village. In this article, I will suggest Best Business Idea For Village In India in 2023.

  • Start Juice Centre
  • Start Tea Stall Business
  • Start Tea Leaf Selling Business
  • Start Fertilizer Business
  • DTH And Cable Connection Business
  • Open General Store
  • Open Book And Stationery Shop

Start Juice Centre

You do not need much money to do a juice center. You can start this business for around 10 to 20 thousand rupees. People are earning lakhs of rupees by doing the juice business. To do this business, you will need some things like a juice mixing machine, counter, and chair table.

Apart from this, you have to buy fruits from a fruit seller at a reasonable price. Friends, when you are doing this business, then you will have a shortage of customers. You have to improve the quality of the juice to bring it to your shop.

So that people can know that what you do is good. This will ensure that the image of your shop will be good among the people and there will be no shortage of customers in your shop.

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Start Tea Stall Business

In the last few years, the business of tea is growing very fast. You must have seen on social media that well-educated people are earning good money by doing the tea business. MBA Chaiwala, B.Tech Chaiwala, Graduate Chaiwala etc.

All this has become a very big brand in the tea business. These people also earn lakhs of rupees a day. From this, you can know how much tea is beneficial in business.

All these people started this business with just one game. In today’s time, the turnover of these people is in lakhs. You should have at least Rs. 20000 to do tea business. Many people do this business in the old way, due to which they are not able to give a new look to this business.

In my opinion, whenever you do tea business, do it in a new way as MBA Chaiwala Graduate Chai Wali did. Only then your business will be successful.

Start Tea Leaf Selling Business

Best Business Idea For Village In India 2023
Best Business Idea For Village In India 2023

In present times, people in do tea leaf business earn a lot of money. If your house is in a place like Darjeeling then you must be aware of this business. If you have a good budget, then you can do the business of selling tea leaves by taking a franchise from any brand.

If you have less money then you can do all wholesale. For this, you have to buy from the local tea leaf market and pack it and sell it in the market around you. You can also earn a lot of money by selling local tea leaves.

Local tea leaf rate is available up to Rs 150 per kg. If you sell it after packing it, you can sell it for at least ₹ 250. From this, you can imagine how much profit is there in this business.

Start Fertilizer Business

Our country is an agricultural country. That’s why the demand for fertilizers is very high in our country. If you are from the village then this business can be most beneficial for you. Because a customer is always around you.

Farming is mostly done in the village itself. You can also send seeds by doing this business. You may need at least 2 to Rs. 300000 to do today’s business. In this, you get a profit of up to 50%. You will also need to make a license to start this business. Whose information you will get on the internet.

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DTH And Cable Connection Business

In the last few years internet and cable connection has reached every village. The only connection is seen in every house.

From this, you can think that how much benefit is there in doing business with cable connection. To do this business, you should have at least Rs. 100000.

We have many companies that provide cable connections. Like Tata Sky, Sun TV, Airtel, etc. You can earn a lot of money by taking the DTH service of all these companies.

Open General Store

The general store is such a business which we can easily do from any place. This business can be done easily in the village also. If you live in Riya village, you must have seen that many people are earning a lot of money by opening general stores.

You must have at least 50000 to 100000 rupees to open a general store. Apart from this, you should contact a big wholesaler. Buy goods from them at a reasonable price and sell them in your shop.

Open Gym Store

In today’s time, everyone wants to stay fit. That’s why the demand for gym centers is increasing day by day. There is a dearth of gyms in the village. If you open a gym center in the village, you can earn a lot of money. That is because there is very less competition in this field in the village.

Nowadays many youths prepare for the army exam. They need a gym to stay fit, which is not seen in the village. You must have at least Rs. 200000 to open a good gym center.

Open Book And Stationery Shop

In the present time, everyone wants to study. Even the people of the smallest village want to give good education to their children. But there are many villages where there is a lack of proper books for studies. Because people do not think of doing business in the village.

But do you know that opening a bookstore is the easiest and most profitable business in the village? There are many publications that give 40 to 50% profit on a single book.

In bookstores, people sell things like textbooks, pens, pencils, erasers, etc. You can get a good profit margin on all these things. If you want to earn money by opening a book copy shop, then you should have at least Rs. 200000.

Promote your shop by visiting nearby coaching centers and schools to bring customers to your shop. Apart from this, you can also take the help of social media.


In this article, we know about Best Business Idea For Village In India in 2023. By the way, there are many other businesses which you can do while staying in the village.

Friends, since our country is going towards digital, from that time you can do everything sitting at home. Many people are running e-commerce stores sitting at home.

Let’s make a good income sitting at home by working on platforms like blogging and YouTube. That’s why you should remove the confusion from your mind that we cannot do business by living in the village. I hope you enjoy this blog. You can give your feedback to us through comments.

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