[5way] How To Earn Money From Amazon

How To Earn Money From Amazon
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How To Earn Money From Amazon: Amazon is such a website from where we can not only buy and sell goods. Rather we can also earn money from it. Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce website. People are earning lakhs of rupees by working on this website. Amazon has many such programs on which you give 2 to 3 hours a day. So your shortfall can be in thousands of days.

People are earning money sitting at home with the help of Amazon Affiliate Marketing.
There are many ways from where you can earn money. If you want to know about earning money from amazon then read this blog completely. You will get the correct information. Because we have collected information for you by doing proper research in this blog.

So let us know How To Earn Money From Amazon.

How To Earn Money From Amazon

Following are the 5 important ways to earn money from amazon:

  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon seller
  • Product Delivery
  • Amazon Influencers
  • Amazon Merch

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How To Earn Money From Amazon Affiliates

Friends, affiliate marketing means earning a commission by selling listed products on amazon. For this, you have to join amazon’s affiliate program. For this, you have to go to amazon’s website and join the affiliate program.

But you must be wondering how to sell amazon products. To sell, you create a Facebook page, create a WhatsApp group, create a youtube channel, and create a website. You go to these platforms and select the product from your amazon affiliate link and share the link. If someone buys that product then you will get money as a commission.

Earn Money As Amazon Seller

If someone wants to sell their goods on Amazon, then they can join amazon’s seller program. Whose information is as follows:-
First go to services.amazon.in.
• After opening the page, go to the link to start selling.
• After clicking on the link, you will have to enter the name of your company.
• After that you will be asked to fill in all the information like the product category, pin code, address line, city, state, country, etc. After filling it, click on the continue button.
• Now you will have 2 options “Amazon easy ship” and “the ship using your own courier”.
• If you want amazon to deliver your product then choose amazon easy ship. If you want to deliver the product by yourself, then choose the option of the ship using your own courier.
• After that do Next then you will be asked to enter OPT.
• OTP will go to your mobile number.
• Your amazon seller registration process is complete.

Friends, you can sell your goods by registering your shop and company with an amazon seller. This will increase your sales and earnings will also be more. If you make your own products like paintings, utensils, eatables, etc. So you can sell it with the help of your amazon seller account.

Product Delivery | How To Earn Money From Product Delivery

You know that amazon also delivers its goods on its own. But in some small towns and villages like areas, they take the help of couriers for the delivery of goods. Because it takes more money to deliver in these areas. Because of this, it affects the marketing of the product.

So, in this case, you can earn money by delivering the product. For this, you have to register on amazon. You will get the dealership of product delivery. If you are having a problem getting a dealership. So you can also do the job of delivery boy. In this also you will earn a lot of money.

Amazon Influencers | How To Earn Money From Amazon Influencers

To become an amazon Influencer, you must have an account on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can join amazon influencers with these accounts. After joining amazon gives you a page to create. After creating the page, select your product category.
After selecting, share that product. If someone buys that product. Then you will get a commission. If you have good followers and subscribers on any social media. So you will lack good money.

Amazon Merch | How To Earn Money From Amazon Merch

If you know how to design clothes. So amazon merch is a very good option for you. In this, you do not need to pay any kind of money. All you have to do is upload your design. If someone likes your design then amazon will collect your product. You will get money for that design. You can also decide the price of your design yourself.


Friends, amazon is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. People have a lot of faith in this company. In this, you must have got to see information from earning money to buying goods. Many people have earned a lot of money just by doing affiliate marketing. Many people have also formed their own company which is being supported by companies like amazon.
In this blog, you saw 5 important ways to earn money from Amazon. I hope you enjoy this blog i.e How To Earn Money From Amazon. You can tell us your opinion by commenting.

Q.1 How to earn money from amazon without investment?

Ans: Amazon seller and Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Q.2 How to earn money from an amazon affiliate?

Ans: Make a website and share amazon products on your website. Use google ad to get a huge number of customer or traffics.

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