How To Open Grocery Store

How To Open Grocery Store
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How To Open Grocery Store: The grocery store is such a business in which there is no shortage of customers. You should do this business with the right business plan. So that there is never a shortage of customers in your shop. Things you will need to do grocery business. We are going to explain all those things in this blog.

Opening a grocery store can prove to be a profitable business. If you run it well You will have a lot of customers if you run your shop properly. In this business, people see the rate and your way of speaking. Because people buy daily food and drink items.

People’s emotion is different from this shop. That’s why you have to keep the rate of your shop less than the rest of the shopkeepers. Have to talk well with your customers.

So let us know how to do grocery business or How To Open Grocery Store.

How To Open Grocery Store

To open a grocery store, you will need the right business plan from investment. Apart from this, things like marketing, brand name, etc. can be required. like:-

  • Choose the Right Location to open a grocery store
  • Proper Business Plan
  • Investment
  • Marketing
  • Open Business Bank Account And online payment method
  • Give The Name Of Your Brand
  • Register Your Grocery Store

A Proper Business Plan To Open Grocery Store

Before starting any business, a proper business plan is required. So that their business can be successful. But do you know that most people do not prepare any planning and strategy before doing business? The result of this is that their business fails. Because they do not know their target customer. At the same time, the number of investments is also not known.

If you want to do business of the general store. So you should adopt these things to make your business plan. like:-

  • What should be the price of the product?
  • Do proper research about the customer in the area where your business is. So that you can decide the price of your product.
  • Open a grocery store at the right place.
  • Marketing your store.
  • Decide on the investor and investment.

Choose The Right Location To Open A Grocery Store

It is very important to have the right location to open a grocery store. There will be no shortage of customers in your store having the right location. Apart from this, you will not have any shortage of grocery products. If you have opened a store at a place which is away from the city and market. So it will be difficult for you both to bring and sell goods for your store.

You choose these places to open a grocery store. like

  • Shopping Mall |
  • Complex Market
  • social area
  • main market
  • Market Road Side
  • Colony

Investments | How much money do we need to open a grocery store?

The first problem to open any business is related to money. Because no matter what the business is, it takes a lot of investment. In the same way, you will need to invest money in the grocery business as well. If you are opening a big store then it may cost you 10 to 15 lakh rupees.

Opening a shopping mall can cost you even more money. But the government has brought many schemes under which you can take a loan. You will get help in doing business. If you take a franchise of a big brand. So it may cost you up to 50 lakh rupees.

If you just want to open a small shop. So it depends on you how much money you invest in it. The more money you invest, the better you will earn.


Their marketing strategy is behind the success of any business. The better your marketing plan, the more you will earn. If your store is new then you have to market your store in this way.

  • Bring your store on social media.
  • Create a Facebook page, WhatsApp group, website, and youtube channel to bring on social media.
  • You create your account on all these.
  • Put all the details of your product on these social media.
  • Link the website with an amazon seller.
  • Make visiting card in the name of your store.
  • Share the visiting card with the customer and the people around.
  • Do research about your competitor.
  • Keep the price of your product low from them.
  • Open Business Bank Account And Online Paying Method
  • Create your business account
  • You can use an online payment app to create a business account.
  • Like, pay pal, Paytm, and phone pay.
  • Put the payment bar code in front of your shop.
  • Create a bank account in the name of your store.

Give The Name Of Your Brand

Give your shop a unique name. This also makes a difference in the marketing of your shop. Try to name your store according to your area. If your store is in a big city then give an English name or else use some pure Hindi.

Friends, this is my own opinion. You can give me any name you want. If your marketing and business strategy are good, then the name of your store will automatically become a brand.

Register Your Grocery Store

The grocery store also has to be registered. If you are opening a big store then you will need to get a license from Fssai. If you are opening a small store then you will not have to register.

You need some money to register. Which you can see on the official website of fssai, then you can see it on Google.


What did we learn in this blog? In this blog, we learned How To Open Grocery Store. 7 important ways to open a grocery store. Friends, in the grocery business, you get the option of multiple items. To do this business, these things are needed. We have given the details of all of them in this blog.

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Q.1 How much money do I need to open a grocery store in India?

Ans: Between 5 lakh to 50 lakh.

Q.2 How profitable is a grocery store?

Ans: 2 to 3 percent profit margin on each grocery product.

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